Ascend Youth Ministries is a Christ centered youth group where we foster the spiritual growth of our young people. The entire purpose of Ascend Youth Ministries is to make disciples by reaching our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strive to create unity with one another. We have created a family community where we encounter God and gather in fellowship on a weekly basis. Ascend Youth Ministries is a family, a place where a stranger becomes a friend and a friend becomes a brother. Our amazing youth group serves as a testament that God is still working and gracefully moving through this generation in this final hour of the church. We meet every Sunday Afternoon for our Youth Led Worship Service at 2:30 p.m. and host more than 12 small groups throughout the week led by our Student Teachers.


Brother Ozzy joined Faith Tabernacle church in 2015. Ozzy has now served in Ascend Youth Ministries since 2017. Ozzy is currently a deacon and is extremely passionate about leading this generation of Apostolic Youth to reach the world. Ozzy met the “love of his life” Erica at a Southern District of California Youth Camp in 2013, and they have been married since 2015. Ozzy enjoys spending time outdoors, grilling and spending time with family.


Erica has been a lifelong member of Faith Tabernacle since 1997. Erica’s passion for ministry began through the worship team and quickly developed into a love for our young people. Currently, Erica is one of Faith Tabernacles worship leaders and alongside her husband, Ozzy leads Ascend Youth Ministries since 2017. Erica enjoys singing, quality time with others and staying active. Erica’s motto is “Place God first in your life, and notice how God places you first.”


Ozzy and Erica’s vision for Ascend Youth Ministries is to empower, develop and equip young people to know God, love God and strive to be the best versions of themselves through Christ.

3666 Madison Ave. San Diego, CA 92116

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