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Faith Tabernacle Church is known to house many ministries which have surely proven to be fruitful and of great blessing to all. We encourage you to get involved with the ministry that best suits you! Be a part of the advancement of the Kingdom with diligent servant-hood alongside members of our congregation. After all, we live to serve and serve to live!

Kid's Ministry

At Faith Kidz we focus on innovative ways not only to stay in touch but also to love, encourage and teach our kids about the love of God for us.  Our goal is to help instruct our children in the ways of Christ through fun activities, worship and lessons catered to their age group.

Junior's Ministry

It’s no secret that church and home have the best opportunity to secure faith in the next generation when they have shared goals regarding a child’s journey of discipleship. What a powerful movement if we all worked together with the same end in mind!

Worship Ministry

Faith Tab Worship is made up of members of Faith Tabernacle. The team consists of many faithful worship members and musicians, all volunteers of Faith Tabernacle who lead week after week in worship.

Men of Faith Ministry

Men of Faith ministries serves as the perfect representation of a God-fearing man in this current generation in which we are living in.

Ascend Youth

Ascend Youth Ministries is a Christ centered youth group where we foster the spiritual growth of our young people. The entire purpose of Ascend Youth Ministries is to make disciples by reaching our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strive to create unity with one another.

Women's Minisitry

Here at Faith Tabernacle Church, we are greatly blessed to have such a dynamic and revolutionary Women's ministry, Women of Faith.

Heed the Need

Heed the Need Ministries showcases the true impeccable character of Jesus Christ as we proactively pursue the mission to meet the many needs of our community with community outreach programs as evidenced in our countless food drives and donations.

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